Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Camel Unfiltered Cigarette

Camel Unfiltered Pack
Now, I am not a smoker in the sense I'm addicted and do it to get a fix.  I can go weeks, months, and years without ingesting any tobacco products.  I simply do it because it's a fun and often social experience, like when a bunch of guys and that occasional female joins in on the round table discussion while enjoying a fine cigar after dinner.  I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones where I am not physically addicted to nicotine, I do enjoy the rush it provides when on break at work and I go out for a smoke to relieve some stress.  Some people just don't understand that sometimes all one needs is a good cigarette, when deep breathing and counting up and down from 10 doesn't work, tobacco and nicotine are really amazing products.

I am usually a cigar, cigarillo, and little cigar smoker, but when in a hurry I thought the unfiltered cigarette would be something to try, because many cigars, and cigarillos are unfiltered as well.  Here is what I found.

Starting with the pack design: I really enjoy the pack design it's not too over the top, but it's not too simple.  It also just has a classic feeling to it (probably because they are a classic), however I feel that gives it an extra boost in my book that this product has survived decades and is still going strong.

Pack Rating: 9/10

Next, I will rate the body, or amount of smoke produced.  Since it is an unfiltered cigarette there are less barriers for the smoke to travel to before it enters your mouth, because of this the body is massive.  Not only is it a lot of smoke, it's nice, compact, and has a milky look to it.  Additionally, the cigarette itself gives off a lot of smoke all by itself, this makes it very easy to stick to your clothes and linger for a while.  This simply also means that it will leave a long after taste in your mouth.

Body Rating: 9/10

Taste: The taste was very interesting, it was sort of mild, yet had a slight bold kick to it, which was something I didn't expect at all.  The intensity of the taste increases as the cigarette burns.  Like mentioned above the large body makes the taste linger in your mouth.  The after taste is not bad by any meas, it's just a taste that reminds you that you've recently smoked a cigarette.

Taste Rating: 8/10

Price:  Before tax the price where I live was $6.12 a pack, which makes it hard to justify a second pack.

Now, the infamous question, "Would I buy them again?"  The answer is simply, no I wouldn't, and that's because I am more of a menthol fan, and the price is simply way too high for me to spend on a pack that may not even get finished.

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